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Wepon Coder and Mod apply - Titan Uranus

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Wepon Coder and Mod apply - Titan Uranus

Post by Titan_Uranus on Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:04 pm

IGN? : Titan Uranus

How long have you been playing? : About two days.

How many players have you brought to the server? : One at the moment, but I will make a vid that hopefully bring more pepole to the server Smile

How long are you on the server? : 5-10+ hrs

What have you done to help the server? : Nothing at the moment, but I could code Stat hammer and other underpowerd wepons to correct power. And maybe a lil bit overpower if so is wished Smile

In what ways do you help other players? : I help the new player by telling them where to from the start and where they can get codes for items. itemdb.co.nr Is the best site I know and use.

Why do you want to become a mod?: Hard question... scratch I want to be able to help pepole whatever it is about. And as a ordinary player, I cant do to much Neutral I think as a mod, pepole will listen more, and have a bit more respect Laughing Also, I think that the admins that are now are a bit lazy Razz And as I am on alot, I can help alot Smile

Titan Out :]


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